Friday, September 2, 2011

garden make-over : the side of our house

Well, we have been living in our 'new' house for just over 2 years and the other weekend we finally finished our garden. I call it the laundry side of our house, and it had been left to look like a rubbish tip. Needless to say it was not pleasant to go out and hang clothes on the washing line - and therefore I used my indoor clothes horse a lot {oh, and the dryer}. 

There's something about their Mum's coming to visit that launch husbands into proactive-ness. Not that I'm complaining, because I am loving the end result and I'm proud of my hubby for executing the carefully thought and drawn garden plan that he scribbled onto paper a few months ago.

So here it is... the rubbish tip. Complete with the compost bin we bought ages and hadn't started using yet, pots of plants that did not get the attention they need, weeds, extra pavers and lots of sand. Eeek, I am cringing and slightly embarrassed, but anyway!

Now this is the side all cleared and plants placed where they need to be planted. We like very low maintenance gardens and although the gravel was not my favourite idea when we first moved in here, we have A LOT of it now, it's just no fuss and easy to maintain. 

Hubby and his little garden gnomes

Looking a billion % better already!

 And the end result, after my husband laid a tonne {literally} of gravel. The jasmine we planted is already blooming and smells beautiful, and it is actually pleasant to go and hang the washing out. 
We keep peeking out the windows on this side of the house, because it's hard to believe that in 2 sundays, this was achieved and now all of a sudden, it's a lovely little space. 

a little delightful


  1. Oh Bianca,
    That is so funny. We are in such a similar situation. My laundry side of the house has been a total eye-sore since we moved in 4 years ago! My in-laws are visiting from the UK later this month and it has sprung my hubby into action. I drew up plans for a veggie patch and managed to make it a priority on the budget and To-Do list. I blogged about it here:

    I too love going to my washing line now that I can walk past a prettier view than we had last month. Enjoy your special space.

  2. Oh you've got no idea how many of these "little" areas we have in our garden...all 2 1/2 acres of it!!! Any chance of sending your hubby over our'd be a GREAT weekend away for the family ;) lol

  3. There is nothing like a before, during and after shot of a part of the house. Looks amazing! Just in time for Father's Day!


  4. I have a similar 'in need of attention' side of the house that really isn't much good for anything.
    Love your before and after photos..there is hope for me yet :)

  5. Gina, LOVE what you did, great use of space and it looks great already. Imagine what it will look like filled with veggies! We are planning a vertical veggie 'patch' on that fence of this side of the house. :o}

    Amanda lol, he whinged so much after that as he was so sore from shovelling all that gravel I'm not sure I could listen to it all again. LOL!

    Thanks Kymmie x

    Thanks Tammi! It's so nice to look out those bedroom windows now.

  6. Oooo!! You've got me a little motivated! We have a side passage a little wider than this that is overrun with grass and mess! I would LOVE for it to have a little makeover and look as amazing as this! Well done to you and your hubby! :)

  7. can I ask you girls what washing lines you have down the side of your house and do they hold much washing? hubby is clearing an area now to put a wall mounted one in and need some suggestions!

    I'm thinking of planting rosemary under the clothes too to give off a gorgeous scent

  8. Good luck Rebekah! We had been collecting plants slowly to plant down here and so we really only had to buy the gravel to finish it up.

    Bec I have a barbantia wall fixed clothes line

    it doesn't hold as much as my huge rotary clothes line used to at our last house but it does hold a large load of laundry.

  9. Just checked in with this post...what a great transformation . We all have the unsightly side of the house...we are in the planning stage of doing ours. Thanks for sharing.


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