Thursday, December 8, 2011

pasta and paper plate christmas wreaths

We have been loving the Christmas crafting going on here and the other day we made some wreaths using a paper plate, coloured pasta, glue and LOTS of glitter!

The first thing I did for this craft was dye some bow tie pasta in red and green and then also spray painted some with gold spray paint. I left these out to dry and air for a couple of days because I didn't want them to smell strongly of spray paint when we were going to glue them on to our plates. :o}

Then I cut out most of the middle of a paper plate - I left a lot though to give the kids room for all the pasta.

I lined our work tray with baking paper - very helpful when you're working with A LOT OF GLUE. 

You kind of need a lot to get the heavy-ish pasta pieces to stay. 

Then the kiddos just placed their pasta pieces where they wanted them.

Then I let them loose with glitter. These glitter shakers are the best invention - so much easier for little kids to handle.

I let them dry overnight - remember there is a lot of glue. Then I used a craft knife to cut a little slit for some ribbon to go through - tied a bow and hung them up. 

They are just so so pretty and glittery and Christmassy! 

Have fun!


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